Lectures, Talks and Interviews


Land of the Golden Cities – ABC 774 Radio Interview, 14th Feb 2018

Jon Faine – Conversation Hour ‘Jon Faine’s co-host is broadcaster and performer Lisa Pellegrino. Their first guest is John Carroll, Professor Emeritus in Sociology at La Trobe University. His most recent book is Land of the Golden Cities: Australia’s exceptional prosperity & the culture that made it (Connor Court Publishing).’


John Carroll in conversation with Anthony Elliott, April 2014


2011 Western Civilisation Symposium


2011 Radio National’s Big Ideas – John Carroll in Conversation with Bob Carr on Greek Pilgrimage

“According to John Carroll the ancient Greeks invite us to think about who we are, and the best ways to organise ourselves, to build institutions, and to make our cities beautiful. They lead us into a sceptical orientation to ourselves and the world we inhabit, questioning the meaning of it all. They have bequeathed to us science and philosophy, drama and sport, our engagement with nature, and much else that graces our modern world. In Greece, our metaphysical perspective was set. We were introduced to the mystery — an abiding sense that there is a deep secret, one which somehow holds the key to the big questions about life.”


Violence and the Middle Class, 2011 Wheeler Centre


2009 Sydney Festival of Dangerous Ideas


2008 Big Ideas Talk ‘On the Meaning of Life’, John Carroll in conversation with Clive Hamilton


2007 Religion Report – John Carroll in conversation with Stephen Crittenden


2007 Lingua Franca The Existential Jesus and problems of translation from the Greek