John Carroll is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. He has degrees in mathematics, economics and sociology from the universities of Melbourne and Cambridge. His work focuses on culture, and its crucial role in the human search for meaning, with particular reference to the modern Western society.

His recent books include The Western Dreaming, Terror—a Meditation on the Meaning of September 11, The Wreck of Western Culture—Humanism Revisited, The Existential Jesus, Ego and Soul—the Modern West in Search of Meaning,  Greek Pilgrimage—In Search of the Foundations of the WestLand of the Golden Cities—Australia’s Exceptional Prosperity and the Culture that Made It, and On Guilt—the Force Shaping Character, History, and Culture. John Carroll is also a frequent writer of essays and newspaper articles. He has recently published articles in the Saturday Australian on Cultural Masochism in the WestThe Sopranos and DeadwoodEssendon Drugs SagaPatriotismParis Turns In on Itself,  Why We Still Love Getting MarriedThe Birth of MeaningDenial of the Best of the West, Five Rules of Conservatism, Once Upon a Time Retold, Blessed Transformation of the Paternal InstinctThe Brexit GambleThe Sacred and the GameThe Tyranny of Opinion, and a series on the 2020 Pandemic.

He delivered one of the Alfred Deakin Federation Lectures in 2001—a reflection on Australian culture titled ‘The Blessed Country’. He chaired the Panel reviewing the National Museum of Australia in 2003. Metaphysical Sociology, a book on his work, edited by Sara James, was published in 2018.


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